Identity. Who are you?

Who are you? What an easy question… but such a hard one to answer at that.

One time someone asked me, “So what do you do?” And I proceeded to tell them how I was a college student, had a job, and the rest of the basics. But then they said, “No, I mean what do YOU do? Who are YOU….not your titles”

I honestly didn’t have an answer. If we step back and peel off the layers the world sees, who really are we? Well, I guess that all depends on where our identity stems from.

You can find your identity in two places. This world or Jesus. This world and the one who runs about it tells me I’m not worthy. I’m too small. I’m too sinful to ever accomplish anything great. I’m too used. I’m not good enough. But Jesus calls me by a different name. He calls me set apart. Worthy. Daughter. Bride. Loved.

So I ask you… where does your identity stem from? Do you still believe the lies the enemy tells you… or are you itching to give your heavenly identity a try? Because we can live this life one of two ways. We can stay forever stuck in condemnation, guilt, and insecurity. We can become complacent. Or we can rise up and start to believe that we are loved and we are valued. That we are meant to do great things. I used to read my Bible and think, “I’ll never be like Paul, Peter, Esther, or Ruth. I’m too entirely small to ever have a faith and story like those.” But here lately, I’ve realized that’s who I’m called to be. I’m destined to be someone great for God’s kingdom. I’m destined to have bravery like Esther. I’m chosen to spread the gospel like Paul. I’m set a part like Peter to help heal. I’m deemed worthy to marry a kind hearted, Jesus loving man like Ruth.

Like all of these people… Our life is intended to be a book in the Bible. I think today, we let the enemy subtly tell us that living like that is an extreme. Preaching the gospel to nations and people we meet is radical. But I don’t recall there being a book in the Bible saying that just church on Sunday’s, clapping to a Hillsong song, sitting for a sermon, and then living the rest of our lives on auto pilot is how we pick up our cross and follow Jesus. Not that those songs are bad or church is bad… it isn’t. But disciples of Christ (believers) are called to do more. We are called to be so much more.

So who am I? I’m Ashley Irene Faulkner. I’m set apart. I write for the Lord. I connect with girls who need Jesus’s love when their hearts have been broken. I dance when I worship. I am one of His saints. And I hope that when I come into the kingdom of Heaven…. that I will have ran my race in my heavenly identity like Esther and Paul. I’m not those lies the enemy whispers to me at night. And neither are you. Sometimes the devil likes to pretend he can revive the person we were before we were saved by God’s unfailing grace… But he doesn’t hold the power to resurrect, does he?

So who are you? What identity do you choose?


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