Come back to your first love.

We all have a first love. The love you thought was pure love. The first time you ever truly gave part of yourself or heart to another human being. First loves are scary and new. Uncharted territory. There’s beauty in stepping into the unknown with someone who makes your heart race and stomach flutter. First loves teach us so much.

My first love taught me to return to my true first love.

I’ve seen Jesus work in mighty ways even before I truly knew and understood who He was. I’ve seen him mend fences, restore families, and save souls. My parents’ testimony is one of the most beautiful examples of this. Two souls who lost touch of their first love found each other. Created a family. Separated. And found their way back together through the redeeming melody Jesus offers. To this day, that is one of the sweetest miracles I have ever been blessed to witness and play a part in. My parents came back to their first love. When I say that, I don’t mean they came back to each other. By no means were they each other’s first love. But they came back to Jesus. Their true first love. From that, transformation and unity overflowed and led them back together.

My first earthly love taught me to retreat back to my very first eternal Love. While my first love here on this planet burned and faded, it pushed me into the arms of the One that will not. It’s thrown me head first into my Love who offers me a dance with Him that will never cease and twirls me to the tune of the sweetest of songs.

However, far too often I hit pause on God’s stereo and listen to the melody of the world. I trade my barefoot dancing feet for busy shoes that never stop to enjoy His presence. I trade my Bible for Twitter or Instagram. I trade my prayers for texts to friends. I trade late night convos with Jesus about my present time with Him and the future He has willed for me for worries of the past. I trade my heavenly identity and adoration He sings to me for labels the world throws at me. I trade my first Love for my love of the world.

Thank goodness He’s grabbed me by my heart again and beckoned me with the whisper, “Return to your first love.” Lately, that verse or humming or whisper….whatever that drawing sensation God uses with that phrase keeps lingering in my heart. Like a gentle motion that’s saying, “Come back over here. Draw closer to me. I’m wanting to take you deeper into my love.”

So I say this to say, don’t be like me. Grab hold of your true first love and dance wildly with Him. If you’ve pressed pause for even a second, race to the play button and allow him to steal your heart. Fall in love with your first love again. Let your relationship with God be like a relationship here on Earth but so much sweeter. Believe in His unconditional love even when it seems unbelievable. Seek His freedom and run unashamed back to Him.

He’s humming over your heart what He is to me. The sweeter song of His love you have pushed pause on. The tune is familiar and your soul aches for it, I know. It’s not one of condemnation, or you could have done bettter type of tone, but gentle and sweet. Let it be more like falling in love, than some set of rules or just something to believe in.

He’s waiting. Standing right beside you. Looking at you the way you hoped your first love here would have always looked at you. With intense adoration and an unfading love. But this love, oh this love He holds for you offers you so much more than the one you found here first. Won’t you go back to your first love? He’s been waiting.


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