To the one who feels “not good enough”

To the heart that’s struggling,

You’re doing better than you think. I want to tell you something that you probably haven’t heard lately, or maybe have been rejecting. You are beautiful. Your heart is all together beautiful and righteous in the eyes of the Father. Let that sink in for once and learn to believe that again. You are enough for Him.

I’m sure right now life is getting the best of you, and maybe the enemy is having fun with you along with that. School is getting rough, your hours at work are seeming longer, the person you admire is “out of your league”, or maybe you feel like your walk with God is not 100% perfect or close to it. Maybe you feel all of those things. And I bet you the enemy tells you that you’re the only one. You are anything but alone in that department. The world of believers around you are all walking messes. And so are you. You’re a mess. You’re a doubtful, worrisome, stressed, and emotional mess. But that’s okay. Because even at the end of those days where you feel like all you did was make it successfully through the last 24 hours, you are the mess that God chooses. He chooses you and I over and over again.

You are chosen. Did you know that? Even I forget that from time to time. You are a child of Christ. Jesus and our Holy Heavenly Father delight in you just as a parent would.

Right now, your perspective of God is not much like this. Something happened to cause you to reject His love and shy away from your walk with Him. And about right now, you’re convinced that God is just waiting to yank grace and salvation away from you the very second you get out of line. I know cause I’ve been there friend. That drought of self-pity, insecurity, and ignorance of God’s character is real and believers slip into it more than you think. But I want you to know that you are so wonderfully adored, and that you will always be enough for Christ Jesus. He wants you everyday. He pursues your heart even when it isn’t in its purest state. He pursues you when jealousy stains it, when lies live in it, and even when you take control over it. He actively is in pursuit of your heart and enjoys spending time with you. You are more than enough for your Savior. On days when people make you feel unworthy, look to God who crowns you with the same glory as one of His disciples or prophets.

So, take a deep breath and allow yourself to feel the grace that washed over you the  minute you gave your life to Him. Jesus says that “In this world you will have trouble, but take heart for I have over come the world” John 16:33. Jesus knows your struggle and He out of all people knows how hard it is to be perfect. So lean on Him. After all, Jesus was perfect so you didn’t have to be.

With love,

Your sister in Christ




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