Sincerely, A Stubborn Daughter

Do you ever get an attitude check from God?

Jesus constantly calls me out in my walk of faith. Here lately, I’ve just been stubborn with God’s plans for me. It’s like when He tells me to wait, I want to rush. When He shuts a door, I try to open it back up. And when He opens a door, I stay stuck in the hallway still holding on to the one He shut.

A lot of the time, I stress and worry about what God has planned before me. When really, my life is not in my hands and it’s not my own. I worry that where He’s leading me will be something I can’t measure up to or won’t love. I forget that God knows my heart and deepest desires. What He chooses for me is really what I’ve been asking for all along. Today, I’ve felt His subtle whispers and sweetness just telling me to rest and trust. I constantly want God to reveal His big picture to me, and I always try to rush whatever God is doing. The moment I see Him move, I jump to a conclusion about His plan and worry about what’s to come. But, I’ve realized the moment I rest and abide… the more He starts to show me His way. Yet, when I worry…it’s like God takes His hand off because I’m not willing to trust what He’s preparing.

If you think about any relationship, trust is one of the most important keys. It maintains the tenderness and blocks out any doubt. Trust is vital. Without trust, a relationship crumbles. Without trust in my walk with Jesus, there’s space between us. When I decide not to trust the One who has never failed me, then I put space in between our intimacy. In times of feeling far from God, I can tell you it boils down to me not trusting Him. That happens a lot in my walk honestly. Sometimes, it’s hard to have faith and trust someone who you have never been face to face with. It’s scary to hand over your life and dreams to a person that doesn’t necessarily speak audibly to you. But I find once I do, God begins to line things up just the way they were meant to be and satisfy the longings of my heart.

He will set before you a myriad of doors. It’s like your whole life is walking from door to door until you reach the gates to Heaven. Each door has a purpose, and I refuse to stand stuck in the hallway between doors in fear like I have been. Because my lack of trust and stubborn attitude are the only things holding me back from reaching that destiny He has so graciously laid ahead for me.

So when God opens a door before you, please do anything but hold on to the one He’s locked behind you or dig your heels in. Every second you fail to fully embrace the season God has put you in, you’re missing out on people that set your spirit on fire and opportunities that will shape you into who you were created to be. I say all of this because recently I’ve spent far too much time in the hallway. The feelings of worry and fear became a familiar wallpaper for me. But no more. I refuse to let the enemy laugh at his success and my failure to see it. And I refuse to miss out on God’s best. Take a step toward whatever and whoever God is calling you to, because it may just be the very thing that He knows you need. Trust me, it’s far sweeter.

Sincerely, a stubborn daughter.

“When He opens a door, no one can close it. And when He closes it, no one can open it. I know what you do. I have put an open door before you, which no one can close. I know you have little strength, but you have obeyed my teaching and were not afraid to speak my name…Continue strong in your faith so no one will take your crown” Rev. 3:7-8,11


One thought on “Sincerely, A Stubborn Daughter

  1. Danielle says:

    This is so amazing, I never though of our walk with him as a series of doors but that really simplifies his plans for us. I need to stop staying in that hallway and being stubborn and learn how to really trust him wholeheartedly. So beautifully put ash


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