The Ultimate Perfect Man.

The perfect man. The seemingly impossible thing to find in this generation. A man who will love you unconditionally, treat you with respect, never leave, and truly care about every aspect that makes you, you. All of us want that, don’t we? I know I do.

The thing is, many girls and I search for this perfect one only to come up empty handed. It seems that no perfect man exists…well at least for us. Other girls seem to have it together by getting engaged and starting the life almost every little girl dreams of—being a wife and being a mom. I know some people that are feminists may read that and cringe, but let’s be brutally honest, ladies. We all want to be loved by the one, feel like we’re enough, and have kids to tell them everyday, “You’re so loved.” Because after all, that’s what we desire someone to tell us. 

However, one downfall to this perfect man search is that we use it as our source of fulfillment. Trust me, I’ve fallen for the thought that maybe if I find the perfect one then my life will start rolling and I’ll finally be blessed with the best things in life. Somehow, I’ve failed to realize that the perfect man has been calling my name since the very day I took a breath on this Earth. He called my name relentlessly even while I did everything to hurt him. I picture him as some lovestruck, gawky teenage boy steadily showing his affection for the girl who was too busy to notice that he was the only nice guy surrounding her. That guy is Jesus. Girls, imagine God’s love for you like that. Like Mouth and well every girl he’s fallen in love with on One Tree Hill. Like Rhett after Scarlett and that blonde kid who, regardless what the movie is, steadily chases after Molly Ringwald in Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club. That’s Jesus.

A lot of the times, us girls are so wrapped up in these great guys (or maybe not so great guys), that we fail to truly fall head over heels in love with THE perfect guy. Jesus never stood anybody up. He never forgot to call. He has never and will never break your heart. He always tells you you’re beautiful and that He loves you regardless of what you did or have done. Heck, Jesus even could pull off a man bun. But in all seriousness, He would take a bullet for you… but instead He took the cross for you. He said, “I love her enough to die for her, so that one day she has the chance to know me and how much I care for her.”

I think the moment we fall in love with Jesus, we stop chasing the perfect man because we’ve found Him. And I also like to think that whenever He calls upon us for salvation and we say yes, that He throws His hand up in the air like Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club. Because, He got the girl and He’s so pumped that He gets to spend eternity with His true love.

I believe that when we fall in love with Jesus, He helps us be that wife we want to be. He makes us that grounded Proverbs 31 woman and He starts to unfold the earthly love story He wrote for us. But first, we must fall in love with the Eternal One. Then and only then can we be fulfilled and bursting with so much joy and happiness that it overflows sending a little bit of Jesus’s love to everyone we come in contact with!



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