When God is silent in a storm.

There’s something I’ve always heard growing up in church that basically sums up human life.

“You’re either going through a storm, coming out of one, or you’re headed to one.”-Bill Purvis

Isn’t that scary? What I’ve found is that whenever life is great I think God is the greatest and get so comfortable with my own little world. However, when free will and the Father shake up my comfort zone and bring me to my knees, I feel utterly abandoned and out of faith. It’s almost like I take on the Israelite mentality. When God rains manna or saves me from my enemy, I feel on top of the world and singing worship songs. But truth be told, when He doesn’t save me, I don’t feel like praising Him still. Not going to lie, I get angry when God doesn’t let my life be a smooth ride. I think we all do in a way. It’s just our natural sin nature to selfishly call upon God for OUR wants and OUR needs, and not to call upon Him for the simple sake that He is our Father and He is so very good. But the question is still there in the time of storms–If God is so good and loves me then why is He not speaking to me? I fight with this question a lot actually. I’ve realized that sometimes God just gives us the silent treatment to let us have at it and try to make things work, only for us to realize that He can only mend the broken areas in our lives. I know I tend to look at my life and the problems surrounding it and wonder why God has left me here. But today I heard the song “Voice of Truth” by Casting Crowns. One lyric said, “And the Voice of Truth says this is for My glory”. I honestly bawled thinking that this mess I’m in is all orchestrated for His glory. Even though the storm is raging and the pain is deep, something in me tells me that God is using this for His glory and that one day the sun will shine to reveal the “why” of it all.

So, if you’ve read this far and maybe are a little confused by my run on sentences and scattered thoughts, I’ll leave with these key points.

  1. Storms will come. I can 100% guarantee that.
  2. God will not leave you, but He may stop talking to you for a while. Either He’s letting you stew until you give it to Him, or He’s working on such big things that He’s waiting to surprise you with.
  3. That the storm is for His glory, and one day you’ll be grateful for it.

Am I grateful for my storm? Yes… and no. I’m happy God is pruning relationships in my life to produce growth, protecting me from certain situations, and slowly revealing His purpose for my life. But no, because wounds are still fresh and the healing/forgiving process is incredibly hard. However in the words of Carrie Purvis, “It’ll be alright.”





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